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Nationally recognized as a Native American civil rights leader, Elizabeth Peratrovich is honored in the State of Alaska for her lifelong work to make racial discrimination illegal.  February 16 has been established as "Elizabeth Peratrovich Day" in Alaska in remembrance of her tireless efforts to secure equal rights for all citizens.

I have shown my mother in an evening wrap, as she looked the night she and Dad celebrated the passage of Alaska's first Anti-Discrimination Bill.  They danced all night at the Baranof Hotel in Juneau, February 16, 1945.

The Alaska State Legislature has placed the bust on permanent display in the foyer of the State Capitol Building in Juneau.

The bust will also be on permanent display in the National Museum of American Indians at the Smithsonian Institution, accompanying Elizabeth Peratrovich Family Albums which document her civil rights work in Alaska.

Bronze Sculpture on Black Walnut Base
14" h x 13" w x 8" d
Limited Edition of 20
Bronze Sculpture Artist Roy Peratrovich



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