Ravenworks Art Bainbridge Island

In Tlingit legends, it is said that Raven brought light to the world when he stole the sun from an ancient Chief and gave it to the People. The Chief had kept the sun in a cedar box, but through cunning and trickery, Raven seized it in his beak and excaped through the smoke hole of the Chief's lodge. The rising smoke turned Raven's feathers black, as they remain to this day.

This piece is the model or "maquette" for the 10-foot high bronze and stainless steel sculpture placed in Peratrovich Park in downtown Anchorage, Alaska in 2008. It is intended to be interpreted as a futuristic totem pole.

The park and the sculpture are dedicated to the artist's parents, Tlingit leaders Roy and Elizabeth Peratrovich, for their work in getting the nation's first anti-discrimination act signed into law in the Alaska Territorial Legislature on February 16, 1945.


Bronze sculpture

20 h x 8 w x 6 d

Limited Edition of 50

Bronze Sculpture Artist Roy Peratrovich


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