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Bronze Sculpture Artist Roy Peratrovich

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After finishing my bronze piece, "Sea Otter-Medviedki," I enlarged the sculpture to make the stylized otter more life size.  Wild sea otters are found all around the world, ranging from 3 to 5 feet long and weighing up to 80 pounds.  The sea otter twists his body in strands of kelp to keep from drifting while he sleeps -- this is his "cruise control!"

An elliptical annealed glass tabletop, representing the surface of sea water, is supported by the otter's body; his head emerges through the surface.  The variations in patina seen through the glass create an underwater illusion.

This bronze sea otter can be made with or without the glass tabletop, can be finished for  both indoor and outdoor installations and may be elevated up to 5 feet.

Bronze Sculpture on Hardwood Base

Otter - 22" h x 30" w x 20" d
(Nose to tip of tail 45")
Glass - 18" to surface, 48" l x 32" w

Limited Edition of 35

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