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My father was a beloved leader of the Alaska Native people.  He was honored with the title of Grand President Emeritus of the Alaska Native Brotherhood in recognition of his work on their behalf.

For many years he was employed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, both as a Tribal Officer in Juneau and later as District Superintendent in Anchorage.  He and my mother Elizabeth Peratrovich are best remembered for their lifelong efforts leading to the passage of the first Anti-Discrimination Bill in the United States, enacted by the Alaska Territorial Legislature in 1945.

Mother died in 1958 and he spent the rest of his life grieving her loss.  He died in 1989, just nine days before the first annual observance of Elizabeth Peratrovich Day in the State of Alaska.

This piece shows Dad as he looked in 1945 during some of the proudest days. The bust will soon join Elizabeth in the Smithsonian Insitute Musuem of American Indians.

Bronze Sculpture on Black Walnut Base

11.5" h x 5" w x 9" d

Limited Edition of 20

Bronze Sculpture Artist Roy Peratrovich Commissioned Public Art


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